La Compagnie du Vent, ENGIE Group

The French pioneer in wind energy, La Compagnie du Vent, ENGIE Group is today a main player in the the renewable energy sector, thanks to its diversification into photovoltaic solar energy production.

Its objective is to produce, in a socially responsible manner, clean, green renewable energy. La Compagnie du Vent looks for new sites, communicates with the people concerned, develops new projects, finances them, builds the necessary installations and takes care of their day-today running. La Compagnie du Vent is now present all through the different project management phases, particularly during the operational phases of their installations.

La Compagnie du Vent builds power stations in France and abroad for both itself and third party operators. At the end of 2015 La Compagnie du Vent is responsible for around 40 installations (including both wind farms and photovoltaic parks) either in service or being installed, generating nearly 600 mégawatts.

It has also initiated the Dieppe -Le Tréport offshore windfarm project off of the Normandie and Picardie coastline, and develops it alongside with ENGIE Group as part of the national call for tenders won in may 2014.

La Compagnie du Vent is committed to a promising diversification into photovoltaic solar energy, particularly with the exploitation of 9 solar farms, one of which is one of the largest using Trackers in France.

The company was a successful candidate both in the 2012 & 2014 national tenders, to carry out 12 new projects which will allow growth in the 100Mwc before 2017.